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Experience the allure of Alekos Apartments & Suites, where three outstanding, newly built accommodations await your indulgence. From the vibrant heart of Athens to the serene shores of Artemida, our modern and elegant spaces offer distinct experiences in two enchanting settings. Your Greek getaway begins with us.

our successful story

It all began with a dream — a dream to create havens where every guest could find solace, luxury, and a touch of home. The first chapter unfolded in the heart of Athens, where the inaugural hotel, a collection of nine elegantly appointed apartments, was crafted with meticulous care. Each space was envisioned as a sanctuary of comfort. As the pages turned, our founder's passion led to the creation of a second masterpiece, echoing the same charm, just a stone's throw away. But the story didn't end there. It continued its magical journey to Artemida, a picturesque seaside escape where the sands meet the sky. Here, amid the whispering sea breeze, six exquisite marionettes emerged, each one an ode to nature's serenity. Every room reflects not just an accommodation but a piece of our founder's heart, where personalized care, atteof hospitality reign supreme. And the story doesn't end here; it's merely a prelude to the many enchanting tales yet to come..

between two havens

Athens and Artemida (also known as Loutsa). Three exceptional hotels in two unique destinations. Whether you choose the bustling energy of Athens or the tranquil embrace of Artemida, every stay at Alekos Apartments & Suites is a chapter in a story of warmth, elegance, and a promise of an unparalleled Greek experience. Join us, and let your story become a cherished part of ours.

3 luxury stays to choose

Discover refined luxury at our trio of Alekos hotels. Relax in spacious rooms adorned in soothing earthy tones and bright accents, offering a serene retreat. Experience modern indulgence with amenities like Netflix, satellite TV, exquisite bath cosmetics, and fully equipped kitchens. Each hotel whispers sophistication, promising a seamless fusion of opulence and comfort for a truly exceptional stay.

a home away from home

At Alekos Apartments & Suites, we redefine the essence of 'A Home Away from Home.' Beyond the luxurious amenities and elegant surroundings, what truly sets us apart is our heartfelt hospitality and unwavering commitment to your comfort. Step into an oasis of warmth and convenience, where every detail is meticulously tailored to echo the familiarity of home. From personalized service to thoughtful touches, we craft an atmosphere where you feel not just welcomed, but cherished. Here, amidst the tranquility of your abode, experience the genuine embrace of a home away from home, where your every need is anticipated, and your every moment is adorned with the warmth of genuine care.

Your exquisite
home away
from home



7 Redestou str., 10444, Athens


118 Pipinou str., 10446, Athens


14 Miaouli str., 19016, Artemida

Contact us

Main Address: 7 Redestou str., 10444, Athens

Mob: +30 6909128612 (Athens)

Mob: +30 6975694105 (Artemida)

Email: info@alekosapartments.com


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